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The DiPaolo Retirement Roadmap Report

Guiding You To And Through Your Retirement Journey

Step One: 
The Reliable Income for Life Plan

To create an income plan to ensure that you and your family will have guaranteed increasing income for your entire retirement.

Step Two:
The Risk Management Plan

To eliminate unnecessary risk from your portfolio, while making sure you still have growth through reasonable rates of return.

Step Three:
The Tax Management Plan

To make sure you pay the lowest amount of taxes as allowed by law through the US Tax Code and create tax-free income when possible.

Step Four:
The Legacy and Estate Plan

To ensure that your loved ones and institutions receive all that you have planned for them. And to implement a plan that insures a smart and smooth transition from you to them. 

Step Five:
The Health Care Plan

To anticipate the greatest potential out of pocket financial risk in retirement and create a plan to offset this risk with smart healthcare options for you and your family.


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